ENHANCING RECOVERY: A Multi-Dimensional Sobriety Education Program

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Enhancing Recovery is a multi-dimensional sobriety education program that is used in a group setting for those who are actively in recovery. The program's primary foundation is the Project COMBINE Combined Behavioral Intervention (CBI) Therapist Manual, edited by William R. Miller, Ph.D., published in 2002, funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Also included are adapted parts of the Comprehensive Labor and Employment Opportunities (CLEO) program Phases One and Two written and copyrighted by Jodi L. Saunders, Ph.D. and Lynn Brown, Ed.D., published in 1998. The overall goal outline for the program is based upon the four dimensions of recovery and the ten ideals of successful recovery published by the US government's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) edited by by John Lee, published by http://choosehelp.com.

The combined Behavioral Intervention Therapist Manual was developed for use by therapists for individual counseling. However, because the program was research-based it was adapted to be used as the foundation for this program. While aspects of phases one and two of the program were referenced in this program, it was phase three that was heavily used in Enhancing Recovery.

The Comprehensive Labor and Employment Opportunities program was developed for use by Michigan Rehabilitation Services clients comprised of individuals with physical and mental disabilities who, due to these issues, had difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment. The program originally had one phase that was written and taught by Dr. Lynn Brown. Dr. Jodi Saunders approached Dr. Brown with the idea of expanding the program and testing it for use as Dr. Saunders' doctoral dissertation. As a result, phase two was developed and integrated with phase one. The program was taught successfully for three years until funding was lost due to state budget issues which resulted in the program no longer being supported.

Additional material in this course was provided by material written and copyrighted by Dr. Lynn Brown taken from other publications.

Enhancing Recovery is a 52-week program taught in a small-class format with one-hour classes. This program was developed to include active participant involvement to provide opportunities for discussion to elevate personal investment as well as learning.