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Guidebook to Happiness is the first book I wrote.  I was 26 years old and had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 20.  During those early years of living with a chronic, debilitating illness, I had learned much about life that provided insights which would serve me well throughout my life.
As a result of this book, I spent much of my spare time during my 20s doing public speaking, as well as appearing on television and radio.  Many hosts called me "wise beyond my years" and at the time I didn't realize just how young I was.  For me, I was just living my life as best as possible.
Because of this, I have retyped the hard copy book word-for-word so as not to disturb the message given in 1978.  Since that time much has happened in my life - my husband died, I remarried, had a birth child, Elyse, and was re-diagnosed as having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and POTS.  And, Elyse also teaches me something new each time I am willing to listen.
I hope you find the uplifting message given in this book as useful for living life fully as I have.
This 22-page eBook is in pdf format, is 6" x 9" and will be emailed to you for $3.

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Table of Contents
Now is the Beginning of Your Future
All Things are Within Yourself
Responsibility...It's up to You
To Feel Is to be Human
Accept Yourself...It Feels Good
Smile...Life is an Attitude
Today's Choices Decide Your Tomorrows

Listen to Yourself...You'll Get the Best Answers
Your Theory of Life is You
Maturity...Letting Yourself Be All of You
I'm Important because I'm Me
My Life...It's Up to Me
Twelve Steps to Happiness