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Put The Oxygen Mask On Yourself First! is a self-paced workshop that delves into important aspects of determining how to live a balanced life in these very busy and complicated times.

Developed by Lynn Brown, EdD, LPC, this is a research-based program.

The 22-page self-paced workshop contains information to provide guidance and worksheets to allow for insight.


Roles and Responsibilities

Equality of Time Balance, Involvement Balance,

and Satisfaction Balance Across the Roles

Satisfaction Among Multiple Roles

Values, Role Satisfaction, and Expectations

Inter-Role Conflict and Facilitation

What Have you Recognized by Doing this Self-Paced Workshop?

This self-paced workshop is in PDF form so it is easy to print. The pages are 8.5 x 11.

The workshop is $8 and will be emailed to you.