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Here are some of the written comments I have gotten from those who either have read my materials or seen/heard me in the media.

"My desk was piled high today with so many things to do and read and I felt tired, so I turned to your book which was lying to my left, and opened its pages. Reading it uplifted my spirit and I didn't feel so weary." Melissa J.P.

"Thanks for writing so concisely and eloquently a book that can really help people." J.M.C.

"I think your view affects others around you in a positive way. I really think that's wonderful!" Donna R.

"I have read your book two or three times and it is just wonderful so I had my son to read it." Gene H.

"Lynn, I was amazed with your T.V. interview on Channel 5. You are certainly a beautiful person and an inspiration to me. You must be a wonderful person to know. And admire. And respect. I'm thankful I heard about you." Avilla M.

"Thank you for expressing so beautifully the feelings I could never put into words!" Barbara N.

"I saw you on T.V. today and I admire you so much." Hazel W.

"I have listened to your broadcast on WNGS and was touched an inspired by your experiences and attitude." Patti S. (WPEC Channel 12)

"You are an excellent writer. Wish I had your talent." Dorothy

"I happened to watch your program on channel 3 on Friday evening and loved every minute of it. My mother and father and even my boyfriend sat through and watched the entire show. You seem to be a very intelligent woman and seem to know what you are talking about and you do have a way of expressing yourself quite well." Susan B.

"I read the article about Lynn Robinson in the January 11th issue of the News Journal. Fantastic young woman and truly is to be admired!" Judy C

"Thank you for refreshing my memory of what happiness is all about." Theresa J.T.

"Just a note to thank you so very much for coming to our Horizon's groups with your wonderful presentation. Everyone enjoyed you so much and needless to say, we did too! I have read your book and it is excellent! It is something you can turn to over and over again and still keep learning from. It was a joy to be with you, Lynn. You are such a loving a caring person - everyone in the room benefits from your presence." Joanne and Joan

"As always, your enthusiasm, warmth and hopefulness spills over to all who come into contact with you." Joan M.

"I saw you last night on television (PBS out of Atlanta) and was quite impressed with your attitude and outlook on life. You are an inspiration not only to people with MS but also to us 'normals' (whatever normal means). Keep up the wonderful work you are doing getting the message out that it's ability, not disability, that counts." John H.

"I saw you on t.v. from Atlanta and am so grateful for your outlook on life." Anne. R.

"Watched the Cromie Circle T.V. (Ch. 9) show and thought you were an actress - you come over 'good' on T.V." D.L.B.

"I want to congratulate you for the wonderful work and concern for all the people that share with us this world. I believe one of the greatest help to human beings is trying to understand their own problems and learn how to help themselves better and you accomplished a lot in this regard. Thank you again in my name for all the people who need and enjoy your information and talent." Maria F. de C.

Your book that was discussed on Channel 5 last week was wonderful! You were just marvelous to hear, to listen and to see. Each page and everything you wrote is just super. Your attitude, philosophy, is beautiful - as pretty as you were on TV." Gertrude V.

"Very positive approach to self-evaluation. The goals, if one applies them, could be attainable. Easy reading - well stated." E. Brown B.

"Saw your interview, you were terrific." Gene L.

"I have read your book with great interest. Your ideas are sound and inspiring. I wish you great good fortune in bringing your message to many people." Robert A., Ph.D., P.A.

"Your outlook (appearance on WVTV) made a great impression and is to be envied by all." L.P.M. - DVM

"Oh! What a wonderful book." Alice W.

"We have now both read your book - thank you!" Frederick W., M.D.

"Your book is so frank, realistic & sincere that I wish everyone could read it." Rosalie

"I was impressed with your presentation. My interest in your book is deep - I am currently bedridden by bone cancer." Joanne P.M.

"Your books are terrific, Lynn. I hope you find joy in their expression. I do!" Betty J.P.

"I was impressed by what you said on Channel 3. Am sure your books are very helpful." Margaret S.

"Sometimes there seems to be no words to express feelings, and those thoughts have to remain silent in the deep, secret places of our hearts - but you found words - your heart spoke! No one escapes life's flaws, but the fortunate ones are those (like you) who learn very early to accept life as it is, to adjust and to live it to the fullest. Your books can be an inspiration to people who are trying to build a new philosophy for living and a new reverence for life." Elton P

"Your appearance on Projection 5 was highly inspirational and educational." Norma C.

"I just wanted t=you to know how very much I enjoyed your program. It was delightfully slow enough paced to be entertaining, as well as informative. You are a professional and I did want you to know I appreciated your timing." Paula P.

"I must say your lecturing technique is excellent, and you gain audience attention and empathy rapidly, by such a pleasing personality and happy attitude." James H.

"We were so very grateful that we were able to see and hear your interview on station WTBS last Sunday night." Edgar R.

"I'm quite impressed by your philosophy on life." Scott R.

"I have just read the article about you in the Boca News and for me, it was very timely. Thank you for sharing your self with others and for offering your shining example of positive living and acceptance of self and others." Joanne L.

"May I compliment you on your marvelous outlook on life, your attitude and your terrific ability to shar your story with others." Carole N.